Optimized product development processes for global markets

We are an integration and e-business specialist who helps customers optimize their processes along the product lifecycle and streamline all associated digital information flows. To bring our customers closer to their objectives, we develop solutions for integration, intra- and inter-enterprise collaborative engineering and consistent, end-to-end management of product and process data throughout the product lifecycle.

We improve the end-to-end availability of information from upstream, downstream and parallel processes in 3D design, mechatronics, electrical engineering, electronics, integrated software, analysis and simulation. When it comes to processes, we specialize in engineering change management, configuration management, the delivery of engineering data to downstream applications (such as DMU generation, production planning) and supply chain integration. These capabilities, when combined with our expertise in PDM/PLM/ERP, translate into greater agility and shorter development cycles.

We can quickly build solutions to handle today's real-life demands and tomorrow's future challenges thanks to our extensive project experience, our detailed knowledge of industry processes and customers' special requirements and our access to proven and cutting-edge technologies and continuously improved methods.

Our software and services drive flawless information flows throughout the product lifecycle and enable end-to-end processes.

Our solutions are key enablers of efficient collaboration within and across organizations, especially during product engineering.

Flexible, capable, solution-driven

  • Deep knowledge of distributed product development processes
  • Interdisciplinary engineering, process and data integration
  • Configuration management, engineering change management
  • Application experience in PDM, PLM, BOM, ERP, DBMS
  • Supply chain integration, data exchange, product data standards
  • Modern web technologies – XML, XSLT, SOAP, web services

Our core competencies include profound process and application expertise in distributed, interdisciplinary product development, related interdisciplinary fields such as configuration management, engineering change management (ECM) or data exchange, and a deep understanding of the systems used to manage product data (PDM, PLM, ERP, database systems).

When designing and implementing solutions, we draw on our extensive knowledge of established information and process modeling methods, state-of-the-art implementation architectures and languages, web technologies (XML, XSLT, SOAP, web services) and semantic product data standards such as STEP (ISO 10303), PDTnet/XPDI, PLib (ISO 13584), PDX or IAI.


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