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CyberSystemConnector (CSC) – Create and use machine documentation intelligently.


he aim of the CyberSystemConnector (CSC) research project is to ensure up-to-date technical documentation by means of a virtual image of the systems throughout the entire product life cycle. The technical component CSC forms the interface for each integrated system component of a machine and plant. Every change to the machine or plant, and thus to the technical documentation, is fed back into a virtual image of the plant. This means that there is always a virtual image equivalent to the real system. This can contain information such as process flow charts, control logics, circuit diagrams, 3D models, factory and plant layouts, operating instructions or risk assessments, and is made available at the respective subsystem. In addition to the decentralized provision of documentation information in the form of virtual images, all information about the entire plant is combined into a common virtual image.


ased on an analysis of existing maintenance and documentation strategies, requirements for processes in cyber-physical systems are specified. A process and data model for the dynamic, decentralized processing of documentation and machine data will be developed. Both the current configuration and the data history are taken into account, which includes, for example, previous maintenance measures, technical adjustments, program versions or an error history. The CSC forms the interface for each integrated system component of a machine or plant.

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