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Application-oriented production and manufacturing services and interfaces for intelligently networked production facilities and structures


Future smart factories will combine flexible manufacturing with transparency and will bring new requirements for communication between all actors at field, customer and supplier level.

In the near future, Internet-based business platforms will be used to compare the performance of smart factories with customer specifications, creating a market not only for products but also for production processes. In this environment, modular production systems, adaptable to a broad product portfolio and volumes, are of particular importance.

The goal of this research project of PDTec AG, in close cooperation with the Korean partners of Tigercompany and ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), the Technical University Dortmund, the AiF Projekt GmbH as well as the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, was the development and validation of an approach for the construction of cyberphysical machines and modules for individual production and assembly.

For this purpose, Korean and German research results from the field of IoT (Internet of Things) were developed into an integrated concept. In addition, new services were introduced in connection with the personalized supply, distribution and operation of modular production systems. For the validation, application scenarios were implemented on the Korean and German side both on the shop floor level and the service layer.

To illustrate the research results, PDTec AG set up a demonstrator to show how customers and production providers can communicate with each other and how production services can be purchased:

PDTec AG also provides the API of the respective micro services via Swagger:
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