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iese Projektgruppe untersucht anhand von Prozessen in den Unternehmen und Demonstratoren reale Business Cases. Auf diese Weise kann aus unterschiedlichen Workflows ein übergreifendes Bild von realen und zusätzlich benötigten Informationen herausgearbeitet werden. Die Projektgruppe untersucht dabei auch die Verwendung von Standards wie STEP, JT, Automation ML und OPC UA sowie gegebenenfalls von proprietären Datenformaten.

Milestones 2019

The prepared presentation of the use cases and goals of the project group were published in the prostep ivip whitepaper „Production Lifecycle Information Management” in early 2019 and presented at the symposium. The use case of dynamic capacity planning and impact analysis was detailed and validated in the application company and a first test suite for future interfaces was developed. The use case of a continuous virtual commissioning for automated manufacturing equipment was recorded in the interview and analyzed with respect to the information objects used. These two use cases with the recorded process steps and information objects represent a first step into the specification of an information layer.

Prospects 2020

The further recording of the required information objects with references and their uses in the processes will be advanced in 2020. This will also be evaluated at the user companies. In parallel, a reference PPR model will be created with the Mars Rover example model to validate the use of linked data in production planning, also in data exchange with partners. The results are then to be published in a paper.

In addition to PDTec AG, the project partners are: Audi, AutomationML e.V., Fraunhofer IPK, IPS (TU Dortmund), PROSTEP AG, VDA, VDMA, ZF Friedrichshafen.




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