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Reference process for integrated production planning – preparation of standardization of information flows and planning key figures

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he aim of the joint project is to introduce a generalized planning indicator survey and a prioritized information flow visualization into the production planning process as a draft standard. Both topics are to flank the reference planning process standardized in the national VDMA standard sheet 66421 and together result in a standard basis for the publication of a PAS (Publicly Available Specification), a TS (Technical Specification), a TR (Technical Report) or an IS (International Standard).


he approach of the joint project is to initially introduce the proposals for content enhancements to the reference planning process into national standardization, and later to transfer them together with the reference planning process into the international standardization process. Both further developments of the content of the reference planning process address additional requirements of manufacturing companies. These relate to the supporting necessity of defining planning key figures and essential information flows within the reference planning process.

The development of a standard basis for an ISO deliverable defined in the objective has the great potential to position a scientifically mature subject matter developed in the national environment at the international level. The associated international pioneering role enables Germany as a national location to develop a knowledge and market advantage, which represents a significant strengthening in the global competition.

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