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Reference process for continuous production planning – Standardization of Manufacturing Change Management.

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he aim of the joint project is to provide a practical added value for manufacturing companies by using a far-reaching standardization in the planning area. Besides the actual planning processes, it is necessary to unify the change management between planning and production, the so-called Manufacturing Change Management (MCM), and to develop a standardized basis for change processes. The reference process described in ISO 18828, Production Planning with its content enhancements through information flows and planning key figures, serves as basis for the efficient matching of changes between production and plan.


n close cooperation with the ProSTEP iViP e.V. (PSI) and the Verband Deutscher Maschinen und Anlagenbau (VDMA), a formalized MCM process should be detailed for changes between planning and production and transferred to standardization in a first plotline. In parallel, further specification and adaptation of existing standardization activities within the existing framework „Standardized procedures for production systems engineering” (ISO 18828) in terms of MCM is a significant part of the project.


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